Fire at Marks & Spencer, West Quay Shopping Centre, Southampton

The news report on the day doesn’t really describe the impact sprinklers had in controlling the fire prior to the firefighters arriving and Hampshire Fire & Rescue’s comments seem to construe that` sprinklers worked alongside the fire crew as opposed to the alternative. Only the one head was activated but could the fire have been doused before the fire crew’s arrival?

BAFSA bring a bit of balance to the media coverage by highlighting the importance of sprinklers with their report which provides some tangible consequences were it not for the activation of the automatic fire suppression system.

Media reports, hollywood movies, even the fire brigade (on the back of their PR) seem to really underplay the sprinkler’s importance in my opinion. It certainly begs the question, how does the public perceive the importance of sprinklers in buildings?

What is your perception?


Author: garyadweir

Professional I guess in Risk & Insurance, (Sport) Business & Politics until such times when I'm not a student. Quite happy for alternative views and arguments as I'm a professional at sitting on the fence but I may be professional at pushing a point. :-P

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